Ionuţ Mihai Niculescu


Conference papers

  • R. Lefticaru, F. Ipate, L. Valencia-Cabrera, A. Țurcanu, C. Tudose, M. Gheorghe, M. Pérez-Jiménez, I. Niculescu, C. Dragomir. Towards an integrated approach for model simulation, property extraction and verification of P systems. Tenth Brainstorming Week on Membrane Computing, vol. I, pp. 291–318, Fénix Editora, Sevilla, 2012.
  • F. Ipate, R. Nicolescu, I. M. Niculescu, C. Ştefan. Synchronization of P Systems with Simplex Channels. 5th Workshop on Membrane Computing and Biologically Inspired Process Calculi (MeCBIC 2011), pp. 61 - 75, Paris (Fontainebleau), France, August 2011.
  • A. Ciobanu, R. Lefticaru, I. M. Niculescu, F. Ipate. Tools for P system testing. Proceedings of the Eleventh International Conference on Membrane Computing (CMC11), Jena, Germany, August 2010, pp. 451–454, ProBusiness Verlag, Berlin, 2010.
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    This paper presents some approaches on testing P systems that allow building specific testing tools. The two approaches used for automatic test case generation are based on model-checking and building the derivation tree, respectively. The classes of P systems addressed so far are transitional, with evolution-communication rules, and probabilistic P systems, with electrical charges.

Research activities

Current research projects

  • MuVeT: Multi-scale modelling verification and testing

Previous research projects

  • EvoMT: An integrated evolutionary approach to formal modelling and testing