Related Software

  • MeCoSim (Membrane Computing Simulator): a software application that offers the users a General Purpose Application to model, design, simulate, analyze and verify different types of models based on P systems.
  • FLAME: a generic agent-based modelling system which can be used to development applications in many areas. It generates a complete agent-based application which can be compiled and built on the majority of computing systems ranging from laptops to HPC super computers.
  • JSXM: a model based testing tool, that uses Stream X-Machines (SXMs).

Case studies

Work in progress

  • A new language for kernel P systems (definition of the language, implementation of the translator from source code to intermediary format and from natural language pattern to LTL)
  • Code editor, front-end improvements and testing tool for Flame
  • Translator from domain specific language to Prism and from natural language patterns to PCTL, CSL for InfoBiotics Workbench